Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 29

End of Year Countdown Days for next week:

  • Monday, May 1st- G, Green Day. Wear as much green as possible!
  • Tuesday, May 2nd- H, Hat Day. Wear a hat to school.
  • Wednesday, May 3rd- I, Island Day. Sorry, no swimming suits, or flip flops!  Sandals that wrap around the heel are acceptable.
  • Thursday, May 4th- J, Jumping Day. Jump rope, jumping jacks, the classroom can decide.
  • Friday, May 5th- K, Kindness Day. Be kind to everyone! Make a point to be friendly to someone you might not know that well.

Sack Lunches

Kids will need sack lunches on May 5 and May 16 to eat on our field trips.

End of Year Testing

In the next few weeks I will be assessing kids to see how far they've come in reading, math, and writing. A note about our reading assessment came home yesterday. After assessments are complete, I will meet individually with each student to discuss their growth and areas of concern. Their test results will come home with their report cards, as well as some ideas of things that can be done this summer to help them maintain the gains they've made this year.


We've been working on telling time on an analog clock. Take a look at the math work that comes home to see how they're doing and quiz them on face clocks in your house to see if they are understanding this important skill! Next week we will begin Geometry of solid figures, then we'll do a little bit of Measurement before the school year ends.

Dates on Deck

Wednesday, May 3 1:00 dismiss
Friday, May 5 Breakfast Buddies (7:30) & Rodger's Park field trip (sack lunch needed)
Tuesday, May 16 Barnes and Noble, Brucemore field trip (sack lunch needed)
Wednesday, May 17 1:00 dismiss
Tuesday, May 23 Move Up Day
Wednesday, May 24 Talent Show
Friday, May 26 1:00 Dismiss - Last Day of School

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday, April 12

Positive Post It Day

We had a great time writing positive notes to our friends and posting them all around the school yesterday!  The kids took it very seriously and were diligent at getting the notes just right!


We are currently learning about Cause and Effect so we are looking for that in stories and in our daily lives.  The weather is a great topic to use when talking about cause and effect, and also everyday decision making.  Try it at home and see how much your child understands!


Money is the topic we're on now - knowing the names of coins, their values, and counting them to find the total.  Check out your child's math papers to see how they are doing.  It's an important life is telling time, which is the topic we'll cover next.  So much of our world is digital now - it seems that kids have a harder time reading an analog clock!  Quiz them and let me know if you'd like some practice sheets to use at home...for time or money.

Dates on Deck

Friday, April 14  No School
Wednesday, April 19  1:00 Dismiss
Friday, April 28  Party in the Park - family fun night in Atkins 6:00-7:30
Friday, May 5  Breakfast buddies
Friday, May 5  2nd/3rd Field Trip to Rodger's Park
Tuesday, May 16  2nd grade Field Trip to Barnes & Noble Bookstore & Brucemore Mansion
Wednesday, May 17  1:00 Dismiss
Tuesday, May 23  Move Up Day
Friday, May 26  1:00 Dismiss- Last Day of School