Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday, October 30

Fall Festival

We all enjoyed our Fall Festival party held last Friday.  Thanks to the treats committee kids and their parents for sending treats!  We played Pumpkin Bowling where we tried to knock over a pyramid of toilet paper rolls, and the popular Heads Up 7-Up game!  Then we put on our costumes and went to the Keystone Care Center to parade for the residents.  They gave us lots of candy, so that's why your child came home with so much loot!  I got a few pictures of them in their costumes:


Tomorrow we begin Unit 3 and the reading strategies are Identiying Sequence of Events and Determining Text Importance.  Unit 2 was about Analyzing Characters and Visualizing.  We took the post-assessment on Friday and instead of sending it home, I'll keep it to show you at conferences. I've also been individually testing each student to determine their current reading level and fluency rate, which you'll see on the report card or at conference.  

I hope you're using the "Say Something" card after reading the Take Home Books that come home in the baggie.  It will help your child with comprehension by having them give a response to what they've read.  We do a lot of that in school, so they should be getting the hang of it!


The first 3 Math topics were about addition and subtraction strategies.  In Topic 4, you may have noticed lots of repeated addition on their math pages.  It's a basic introduction to multiplication and has been a nice break from addition and subtraction strategies!  We will test on Topic 4 this week, then move on to Place Value, which will get us ready for two-digit addition and subtraction as we move into the middle of the year.  The vast majority of 2nd grade math involves the quick recall of basic facts, so those strategies we learned in Topics 1-3 will come in handy as the year progresses.  Kids who don't use them move at a considerable slower pace and make more mistakes in solving 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction.  That's why we emphasis Sticky Math so much all year long!

In a few weeks, every elementary student at Benton will be given a math test to determine their amount of growth from the beginning of the year.  I will share those results at conferences and compare that to what I see in their classroom work.

Dates on Deck

Monday, October 31  Crazy Sock Day (to celebrate our goal of over 1000 socks for Socktober)!
Wednesday, November 2  12:00 dismiss for end of elementary trimester/report card data
Friday, November 4  Breakfast Buddies 7:30 am
Friday, November 11  Report Cards sent home
Wednesday, November 16  1:00 dismiss for conferences 2:00-7:30
Monday, November 21  1:00 dismiss for conferences 2:00-7:30
November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break

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