Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, October 10

Student Data Graph

Below is a graph of student data containing results of the beginning of the year FAST test, which is the state mandated reading test that measures fluency.  Each student in my class is identified by a number at the bottom of the graph.  If you'd like to know which bar is your child's, send me an email asking for the number.  Then you will be able to compare your child to the other 22 in our class.  Also on the graph are parallel lines showing the score desired (Benchmark) for fall, winter, and spring.  By looking at this you can tell what growth is expected throughout the year.

For those in the red, we are doing many small group interventions to target their specific fluency needs.   Unfortunately, that alone may not be enough to bring their scores up...students need consistent help at home, too.  I'll be sending home some ideas that you can work on to help out.

Email me if you'd like to know your child's number on the graph!  I'll send home a paper copy of this too, in case the numbers are hard to see on your computer.

Free Antler Pizza!

Last Friday I sent home a calendar to keep track of minutes read at home to get a free personal pizza at the Crooked Antler in Van Horne.  Let me know if you have any questions about that.  We'll be doing this (in place of Pizza  Hut Book It) each month throughout the year.


We finished Unit 1 last week, which focused on the comprehension strategy of Main Idea and Details and the metacognative str.ategy Ask Questions.  I'm taught and modeled how to stop and think about their reading and ask questions in their head as they read. Main Idea is the one thing that the passage is about, and Details are the things that tell more about the main idea.  We did many activities regarding these strategies over a period of 3 weeks.   The assessment taken last Friday will come home tomorrow.  It will show the number correct out of ten questions, and an M, P, or AC for Meets Expectation, Progressing Toward Expectation, or Area of Concern.

This week we will begin Unit 2, with the comprehension strategy of Analyze Characters and the Metacognative strategy called Visualize.

Dates on Deck

Wednesday, October 19 1:00 Dismiss for teacher professional development
Friday, October 28  1:00 dismiss - end of middle/high school quarter - elem prof. dev.
                                 Fall Festival parties and parade to Keystone Care Center
Friday, November 4  Breakfast Buddies

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