Friday, September 16, 2016

Phonics Homework
We started our Phonics units this week and students are bringing home a packet that we've been working on.  The pattern of words have closed syllables which means there is a consonant at the end and the vowel is short.  Eventually we will start having a Friday test, or Quick Check to see if they are retaining the concepts we're learning about.  But for now, I'd like to get them started in a habit of completing a "homework" sheet over the weekend.  On the last page (the back side) of their phonics packet there is a sheet to be done at home.  I've told them that if they are responsible for doing it and bringing it back on Monday or Tuesday next week, they may have a ticket.  Tickets are given when we see kids being responsible, respectful, caring and safe at school.  They can be spent in our PBIS store at a later date.

Speaking of PBIS Store - all kids got to spend tickets if they chose to ask your child what they decided on!

Homecoming is next week!  If kids don't want to participate in the dress up days, they don't have to. On Friday, we will go to the parade and pep rally in Van Horne.  Kids that live in Van Horne may walk home from there, but please send me a note ahead of time so that I know who will be staying.   If you will be there and plan to pick your child up from the Pep Rally, let me know ahead of time, please.  

Dress Up Day Themes are:
Monday - Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday -Safari Day (wear camo, animal print, etc)
Wednesday - Dress Your Best (dress up clothes)
Thursday - Backwards Day (wear clothes backwards)
Friday - Blue and Gold Day

School Delays/Cancellations
Below is a link to Mr. Junge's blog regarding KCRG's text alerts for school delays and cancellations. You can set the app to automatically alert you when decisions are made about school at Benton.

Bloomsbury Farm Field Trip
We are going to Bloomsbury Farm on Thursday, September 29.  Students will need to bring their own lunch. 

Dates on Deck
Wednesday, September 21  1:00 Dismiss for teacher professional development
Friday, September 23  Alzheimer's Walk - Keystone Care Center 10:45-11:20
                                 Homecoming (Parade & Pep Rally in Van Horne @ 1:30)
Saturday, September 24  Bobcat DASH in Van Horne 10:00 am
Thursday, September 29  Bloomsbury Farm Field Trip 11:15-3:15

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