Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday, May 8

Dates on Deck:

Friday, May 13  PTO Party in the Park  5:30-7:30 Norway
Wednesday, May 18  1:00 Dismiss
Friday, May 20  Move Up Day and Kernals Family Night at the Ballpark
Tuesday, May 24  2nd Grade Field Trip to Brucemore/Barnes & Noble
Thursday, May 26  K-2 Field Trip to Roger's Park
Friday, May 27  Last Day of School  1:00 Dismiss

As you can see, we have several events coming up in the next few weeks.  I hope to keep the academics going until the 20th, at least, so any help you can give me at home (pep talks, etc.) would help me out!  We still have several important things to accomplish, even though the days are winding down.

The kids are being tested in reading by the third grade teachers, Mrs. Bonewitz and Mrs. Kimm.  Class lists have been established, and we're planning a Move Up Day on May 20 where students will spend 90 minutes or so in the classroom/with the teacher they'll have next year.  With that being said, changes could happen where kids need to be moved to the other classroom, so nothing is for sure until registration in August.  I will be meeting individually with each student to go over their end of the year test scores and goal sheets to discuss their growth and make suggestions for areas of improvement and summer activities.

Our 2nd grade class field trip is May 24 and a sack lunch will be needed.  Due to restrictions at Brucemore of the number of participants in each group, we can't take any more parent chaperones.  We've never taken a group of this size (51 kids) before and are having to modify the way we've done things in the past because of our large numbers this year.  We will also need a sack lunch for May 26, our field trip to Rodger's Park north of Vinton.  With this being outdoors, there is more room for parent involvement, so let me know if you'd like to join us.  You'd have to drive yourself, as we won't have room on the bus!

Benton's 50th Birthday
2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Benton Community Schools.  At Keystone Elementary, we plan to ask several people with ties to Benton to come in and be interviewed by students.  My class will be interviewing some retired teachers who are personal friends of mine; and possibly some other community members.  We hope to put our interviews together into a movie or slide show, so watch for that in the last few days of school!

Below is our phonics (spelling) list for this week.  Only one more list after this one!

Here are the End of Year ABC Countdown days.  You can click on the icon to make it larger.  Disregard the highlighted ones...I don't know why that happened!

Looks like the only days you need to be aware of are May 18 and 19 when kids can dress in school colors and like a teacher, if they want to!

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