Sunday, January 24, 2016

This week's spelling/phonics pattern is words that end with le, el, & al.

100th Day of School
This Thursday, January 28, will be the 100th Day of School!  The students don't have to bring anything this year, but we will be doing some activities regarding the number 100.  Be sure to ask them what we did (I'll try to remember to take and post some pictures on here)!

Valentine's Day
Our Valentine Party will have to be on Friday, February 12.  It's a 12:00 dismiss that day, so I'd like to do a Valentine Breakfast theme since we'll have to have our snacks/party in the morning.  Below are the committees for theValentine's Day party.  I'll meet with the treats committee this week and send a note home to tell you what we decided for "breakfast" food.  Decorations and Game Committees don't need anything from home.  Valentine's for classmates can be brought to school during the week of February 12.  You can also use this list of names for filling out Valentine cards.

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