Sunday, January 31, 2016

Above is the spelling/phonics list for the week.  This week's "pattern" is three different ways to make compound words (combined, not combined, and hyphenated).  I didn't even know not combined and hyphenated were considered compound words, but I guess they are!

We have started a science unit on Plants and Insects and the first activity was to give each student two mealworms to take care of!  They are kept in a small vial with bran for food and a small piece of fruit or veggie for moisture.  We've had them since the middle of January.  Some have died, but some have molted and appear to be getting ready to go into their pupa stage where they "sleep" until coming out as a darkling beetle!  Below are pictures of the classroom "habitat" they came from, and a vial of one of the student's.

Treats Committee for Valentine party:
Last week I said I would be meeting with the treats committee, but that didn't happen, so I'll be sure to get that done this week to give you a week to plan. With the chance of no school early this week, I plan to get it done on Monday!

Mid Year Testing:
We've completed the mid year testing in reading, math, and writing.  I'll be meeting with each student individually this Thursday to discuss their growth and goals for the end of the year.  Below are two graphs that show all Keystone second grade scores on CBM (Fluency) and aReading (Comprehension).  To protect confidentiality, only numbers are given to each bar.  If you'd like to know your child's number, email me and I'll send it to you.  Then you can see how your child compares to his/her peers in second grade.  

Dates On Deck
Wed., February 3  1:00 Dismiss
Fri., February 12 12:00 Dismiss and Valentine Party that morning
Mon., February 15  No School - Professional Development
Wed., March 2  1:00 Dismiss

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