Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dates on Deck

Jan 13  1:00 dismiss
Jan 18  No School
Jan 28  100th Day of School (maybe)
Feb 1   PTO Meeting in Keystone
Feb 3  1:00 dismiss

Today is the 86th day of school and it's hard to believe that we're almost half way through the school year!  If we don't have any weather issues that would cancel school, our 100th Day will be on January 28.  We will do some fun activities having to do with 100 that day! Then Valentine's Day will be right around the corner.  On the paper copy of my newsletter, I printed a class list on the back so that you will have the names of kids for making Valentines.  I'll send it out again as we get closer to February.

Mid-year is a time when we assess students again to see how they are growing academically.  I'll be giving them 3 reading assessments, a writing assessment, and a math assessment.  In reading I'll assess their reading level, their fluency rate, and their comprehension.  The math assessment will be over the 2nd grade priority standards.  After assessing, I'll meet with each student individually to give them feedback and set goals for the end of the year.  You will get a copy of our goal setting sheet.

Below are two "snips" cut from my paper copy newsletter.  I'm trying out something called a Snipping Tool that lets me take a picture of another document and insert into my blog.  Let me know if these two images are readable or not!  The paper copy and book order will come home today or tomorrow.

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