Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Video:  How to Help Every Child Fulfill Their Potential

I've linked a video below that I found very interesting.  It explains the difference between having a Growth Mindset vs. a Fixed Mindset and how this affects the potential to learn and grow as a student. It gives some great advice for promoting Growth Mindset, which is key for overcoming obstacles and having a good attitude about learning.  I think you'll find it applies to adults as well!

Our Published Writing!
Every year the Benton County Star Press newspaper asks 2nd graders to write about What Christmas Means to Me and New Year's Resolutions.  This year, my class wrote What Christmas Means to me and Mrs. Bridgewater's wrote their resolutions.  If you want to see your child's published piece of writing, be sure to read the Star Press!  They should be in the next edition, right before Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13

We started two-digit addition last week (like 36 + 8) and I can see that the work we’ve done on mental addition has helped prepare them.  Our math curriculum uses the phrase “regroup ten ones for one ten” instead of “carry the ten” like you may have been taught.   Today, we stress the understanding of what place value really means (having enough ones to make a new ten) and not just “put a 1 up there and add” like I learned!

Many of their papers will ask them to tell how they used regrouping to solve the problem.  A lot of them missed that question on a paper last Friday, so I thought I’d let you know what would be an acceptable answer. 

For the problem 36 + 8, they should be able to explain that they added 6 ones and 8 ones to equal 14, which is enough to make a new ten, or “regroup”.  There are lots of different ways to say that, but as long as I can see that they know to add the ones to make a new ten, or regroup, then I’ll know that they know what the process is.  Try to use these words with them when you’re looking at their math papers together!  If you want to talk to me more about this, we can do that at the Parent Resource Night this Wednesday.

Dates on Deck
Wednesday, December 16  1:00 dismiss (professional development) & Parent Resource Night 6:30
Tuesday, December 22  Class Christmas Party (treats committe will be bringing home a note this week.  If you want your child to participate in the gift exchange, please send a wrapped book by the 22nd)
Wednesday, December 23  1:00 dismiss (Christmas break)
Monday, January 4  Classes resume

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3, 2015

Christmas Program is Tomorrow Night!  

·  It begins at 7:00 (be here by 6:45.  Kids can go straight to their chairs in the gym)
·  We are asking that your child wear dress clothes - no blue jeans, sweatpants, or shirts with logos.  We would also like to have them wear red and/or green if possible. You may mix with black, white, or khaki.  Colored jeans and shirts/sweaters with holiday logos are acceptable.
·  When choosing a seat, you may want to go to the right side (north) of the gym since that's the side that our class stands on to sing.
We hope you enjoy "Christmas On Candy Cane Lane"!

Santa's Workshop Christmas Store
A note will come home tomorrow reminding you of the Christmas Store on December 11.  It's a chance for your child to go shopping for Christmas gifts at the cost of $2 per gift.  

Pizza Hut Book It Program
I'm excited that so many of you are participating in keeping track of minutes read each month to earn a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut!  Keep it's not that hard to reach 300 minutes and pizza is a great incentive!

Parent Resource Night
On Wednesday, December 16, we will host a Parent Resource Night at Keystone Elementary from 6:30-7:30.  It's a chance to come and get ideas for literacy and math activities that can be done at home.  Child care will be provided.

Classroom Christmas Party
We will have a Christmas party at the end of the day on Tuesday, December 22.  I'll be meeting with the treats committee soon and will send a note home with them about what they'd like to bring. Games and decoration committees don't need anything from home!  we’d like to have a book exchange. where each student who brings a new or gently used children’s book can participate in the exchange. Nice books can be purchased from our Scholastic Book order for $5 or less.  Stores such as Kohls, Target, and Half Price Books are also good places to shop. Please buy a book that is appropriate for a boy or a girl, wrap the book and label who it’s from.  Books can be brought anytime before the 22nd.

***Please help your child remember to bring shoes to change into when wearing boots to school.  

Dates on Deck
Mon., Dec. 7  PTO mtg. @  Atkins  6:00
Fri., Dec. 11 Christmas Store
Wed., Dec. 16 1:00 Dismiss;
Keystone Parent Resource Night 6:30-7:30
Tues., Dec. 22 Christmas Party
Wed., Dec. 23 1:00 Dismiss
Mon., Jan. 4 School resumes
Wed., Jan. 6  1:00 Dismiss