Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday, October 22

Fire Safety

Yesterday, a volunteer from the Keystone Fire Department, came to talk to the kids about fire safety.  He suggested that families draw a map of their homes and discuss a plan of escape and having a meeting place in case of fire.  If kids want to participate in a coloring contest, they may make a picture of anything pertaining to fire or fire safety and bring it to school by November 9.  The fire department will choose a winner from each class!  Thanks to the Keystone Fire Department for this valuable lesson in fire safety.

Red Ribbon Week

Next week is Red Ribbon Week, a week we spend discussing the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  A note came home yesterday describing activities for each day:

Monday, October 26  Students will wear red and sign a pledge "I pledge to be drug free"
Tuesday, October 27  "Sock it to Drugs!"  Wear crazy socks
Wednesday, October 28  "Team Up to Whip Drugs"  Wear team shirt
Thursday, October 29  "I CAN make good choices to be drug free!"  Bring a canned food item for the local food pantry
Friday, October 30  "Tune Out Drugs"  Music will play during lunch

**Breast Cancer Awareness:  Next Thursday, October 29, Keystone Elementary will have a "Wear Pink" day to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness!

Fall Festival

Next Friday, October 30, will be our Fall Festival party!  Students may bring a costume to change into in the afternoon for a costume parade at the Keystone Care Center.  Afterwards, we will have recess and then a party in our classroom.  Students are divided into three groups to help plan the party:  Treats, Games, Decorations.  I'm meeting with the treat committee today, so if your child is on that committee, a note will come home today.  Games and Decorations will be taken care of here at school, so no home involvement is needed!

Benton County Naturalist

We are lucky to have the services of Karen Phelps and Aaron Askelson who are Benton County Naturalists.  They come teach a lesson once a month to each class and today's lesson was about the three species of frogs - hylidae, ranidae, bufanidae.  Three students were chosen to "dress up" like a the three kinds she described!  Here's a picture of Gage, Laurynn, and Javin, as well as the names of frogs she wrote on the board:

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